Bikers Garage Kenya

Bikers Garage Kenya Limited is a leading retail outlet for a wide range of motorcycles, apparel, spare parts, and repair services.
We stock a huge range of products that includes everything that meets the needs of the various types of motorcycle riders i.e. from commuters, street, off-road, dual, cruisers, motocross and messengers’ riders. The products range from clothing and helmets to accessories, hard parts, locks, luggage and much more!

David Bikers Garage Kenya Founder

Helmets, Gloves and Riding boots

We also stock safety products such as helmets, gloves and riding boots which are also manufactured by leading global motorcycle brands and subjected to the highest form of safety testing.

Pitbike FunDay

We currently running FREE lessons to all beginners, from 5 years of age. We provide the motorcycle, safety gear and coaching in Nairobi. These is one of those offers you really can't afford to miss.